Tulsa Teacher Recognized For Work Helping Struggling Readers

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 11:15 pm

A publishing company recognized a Tulsa teacher for success with struggling readers.

Cindy Berg, from McKinley Elementary, earned praise as one of the top specialists in the country, helping readers catch up in the critical third-grade year.

The award comes in Berg’s fifth year of teaching at McKinley. Her job is to take the readers who are behind and help them get ahead.

Berg said she likes the moments when she can be one on one with a student the most; a student who lacked confidence before, who was "not proficient" before, who can now pick up a book, and read.

"They get super excited, and that's when they see themselves as taking off as readers; when they realize, ‘I can do it with my teacher, and I can do it with my class, and now I can do it by myself,’" she said.

Berg's students all come in struggling with spelling and recognizing words and their meanings.

Tulsa Public Schools uses a computer-assisted curriculum called System 44; and though Berg gets recognition from the company that makes the program, with data showing her students learn faster than most, she said it's not her.

"The kids are the superstars, I just help them on their way," she said.

She's able to help six small groups of students each day, who leave with more experience and more confidence in their ability to read.

You can find more information on the award here.