TU Engineering Students Deliver Gift To Little Light House

Monday, May 2nd 2016, 5:49 pm
By: News On 6

Senior mechanical engineering students at the University of Tulsa created something for Tulsa's Little Light House before they graduate.

It’s been a tradition for more than a decade, and Monday was delivery day for the team of students.

"We tried to create a new room that can make a little quiet in here," said team leader Estanislau Candido.

He was the team leader and is from Angola in Southwest Africa - three Angolans and a Saudi Arabian creating something for Tulsa's Little Light House.

John Henshaw with TU said they’ve been working with the Little Light House for a dozen years and that it’s a great partnership.

The senior engineering students work with the Little Light House to create something they need for their kids, and the future engineers get experience working with a customer.

They made several visits during the spring semester, modifying their design and adding interchangeable peg boards.

"What our visual therapist will do is determine what kinds of textures, colors, or degrees of shininess each student needs," Julie Wilson explained.

Then she can tailor the peg board to the student and switch them out as needed.

It's designed to provide visual stimulation, but it's just a quiet place for some focused therapies.