With Expansion Of Gilcrease Museum, More Volunteers Needed

Friday, April 29th 2016, 9:33 pm
By: News On 6

The recently passed Tulsa Vision sales tax package includes money for the expansion of the Gilcrease Museum.

A larger Museum will require more volunteers, or as they call them, Gillies.

"We have many volunteer areas in the museum," said Donna Gainey, soon-to-be Chief Gillie.

Gainey is looking for more volunteers to serve a larger Gilcrease Museum.

“We are looking for lifelong learners who want to learn about the collection and want to share what they learn," she said.

Almost half the Gillies are docents - the folks who lead the tours.

There is a training period during which the Gillies learn all kind of interesting details about the museum and its collection.

I wonder if you think, as I did, that the word ‘Gillie’ comes from Gilcrease, it’s actually a Scottish word meaning guide.

The Gilcrease is having a get-together May 4th, for prospective new Gillies. You can get in touch with the museum for more information.