Tulsa Tornado Survivors Give Donations To Victim Who Needs It More

Friday, April 22nd 2016, 6:33 pm
By: Tess Maune

North Tulsans still are trying to put the pieces back together after a tornado tore through parts of the area last month.

Tip-toeing around parts of her caved in ceiling and lots of insulation, Marisha Shelton welcomes us into what used to be her home.

“This is my house,” Shelton said. “I'll never forget that day, March 30.”

That's the day a tornado tore her house apart.

“The pressure pulled the window out,” she said.

She took shelter in the bathroom with her 7-year-old and 8-month-old daughters clinging to her side.

“We just kind of stood here in shock, like this ‘is really happening?” she said. “We could have been a casualty.”

Instead, they're survivors, but part of their roof is gone, so it's been a long three weeks.

The family doesn't have insurance. And since they can't live in a house with no roof, they've been moving around between friends and family.

“I just bought a new car, just lost my job. Where's this money gonna come from?” she said.

That's where Bluejay Wireless comes in.

Two of its employees had some tornado damage, so the company offered them financial help.

“That ain't what God told me to do,” Jacqueline Triplett said.

They declined the money and said a woman they didn't know who lived a few blocks away –  Marisha Shelton – could use it more.

“[God] said give to somebody who needed it,” Triplett said. “She needed it.”

“We're all in it together,” Arthur Wells said.

Triplett added, “We're all we got.”

Bluejay raised $5,000 and surprised Shelton with the donation on Friday.

“To think of us outside of themselves, that's a blessing and I'm just glad they thought of us,” Shelton said. “It's gonna help. It's gonna help us a lot.”

Bluejay Wireless also is having volunteers come tomorrow to pack up some of the family's belongings.

They want to get as much out of the house as possible before the rain comes in next week.

There's just one problem -- they don't have anywhere to store it yet.