Sand Springs Institutes 'Do Not Knock List' To Keep Away Solicitors

Thursday, April 21st 2016, 7:07 pm
By: Tess Maune

You’ve heard of the “Do Not Call List.”

In Sand Springs, there’s now a “Do Not Knock List.”

On a picturesque day in Sand Springs, it is the time of year when door-to-door salesmen start hitting the streets.

“We don't have a peep hole to look through,” resident Harlan Pinkerton said.

Not everyone is interested in buying what a solicitor is selling -- like Pinkerton and his wife.

“The entire front of the house is glass,” Pinkerton said. “It has made her nervous on several occasions.”

In Sand Springs, peddlers must get a permit before they can start knocking on doors.

But now they'll also have to get a list of homes they can't approach.

“We'll make sure they have the proper paperwork and the proper list, and if they don't, then we'll write them a ticket and send them out of town,” Sand Springs Police Capt. Todd Enzbrenner said.

It's called the 'No Knock List' -- a new city ordinance that Enzbrenner says rolled out this month.

“If they don't want to be bothered, they don't have to be... that's to bottom line,” Enzbrenner said.

Pinkerton and almost 100 others have put their addresses on the list to keep the solicitors away.

“I did have one fella come up and was fairly aggressive when I said that I really didn't care to buy anything from him.... I think that the no-knock policy is a good policy. I think it will prove it's worth in time. “It's already proving it's worth at Pinkerton's Place,” he said.

Since he registered, no one has knocked on his door until we stopped by this morning.

“You are the only ones who've come up and knocked after we've been on the 'no knock' policy,” he said.

Solicitors could face a $250 fine for violating the policy.

The ordinance does not apply to nonprofits, religious, political or charitable groups.        

Sandites can register on the city's website by clicking here