ORU Nursing Students Participate In Crisis Simulation

Saturday, April 16th 2016, 9:19 pm
By: News On 6

Oral Roberts University nursing students got a chance to put their years of training and learning to the test today on campus.

They participated in a global crisis simulation this weekend.

Senior nursing students wrapped up their college classes with a training exercise that put all their skills to the test.

A disaster simulation is designed to challenge them with triage and crisis management. 

“I want two on the shoulders, two on the hips and one on the legs.”

"We're definitely getting good practice, and if there was a real disaster I would have a better idea of what to do, so it's good experience and I feel better about going into a real disaster if that were to happen," ORU nursing student Hannah Thrower said.

Faculty members wanted to see how the students would react during a mass casualty event.

"Whether it's global governance or local governance, these things happen,” ORU professor Dr. Curtis Ellis said. “And you have to respond to them, and so this is our chance to give them the opportunities experience those situations as students instead of when they are professionals."

“And these nursing students are also getting a chance to work with the Tulsa Fire Department's Hazmat Unit--they're also here to make sure the simulation is as real as it gets.”

“We need to do evolution trainings like this just to keep up our skills and to work with agencies here like ORU and to make sure that we can work together and we can have a speedy efficient response," TFD’s Bill Powell said.

The training went a step further with a  press briefing and students playing the roles of journalists and healthcare professionals.