Buyer Says It Will Cost $30K To Fix Claremore Meth House

Friday, April 15th 2016, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

A man bought a house in Claremore, only to find out afterward that it had been in a News On 6 story.

Reporter: “It's supposed to be .02 and his was 300,000 in the bedroom?"

Chris Young, Master Design Homes: "Uh-huh, yep."

After Chris Young found our story on a meth bust at the house he bought, he had the house tested.  All 12 areas tested came back positive for meth residue.

Now it's going to cost him $30,000 to make it safe again.

"All this flooring has to come out; all this woodwork will come out,” Young said.

He has to replace all the cabinets, the heat and air system and the ductwork. The walls must be specially cleaned then sealed. He had hoped to sell all the possessions to recoup some of his costs, but it all has to be trashed because of contamination.

“Respiratory problems that could last a lifetime... wouldn't want that to happen to my family or anybody who buys a home from me,” he said.

The worst area is upstairs where deputies say the meth was being made, with only a tiny vent in the window.  The children's bedrooms were just a few feet away. Three children were removed from the home when deputies arrested their parents and grandmother.

The bottom line? If you buy any house, especially in a short sale or foreclosure, it's worth the money to have it tested, which could save you a lot of money or health issues down the road.