Oklahoma Man Grasping To Understand Tragic Deaths Of Mother, Father, Brother

Friday, April 15th 2016, 6:17 pm
By: News On 6

One of the surviving family members of a fatal crash in the Caney River is getting much-needed help from friends.

The young man’s mother was missing for a week before someone spotted her truck in the river along U.S. Highway 75.  Friends and family spent a week looking for Connie Kannady.

The search began when phone calls from her son went unanswered.  Then on Sunday, someone spotted a red truck in the river.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers found Kannady's body inside.

"She just loved anyone and everyone no matter what the problem was, what their flaws were, just took in any kid, any kid," son Taylor Kannady said.

Taylor is the only family member left -- his father, a retired Tulsa firefighter, recently died from cancer and his brother died last month from a drug overdose.  He now has to carry the burden of funeral costs and now a mortgage.

Family friend Roger Stevens stepped in to help.

“The financial problems already are building up. Obviously it's hard to work in a time like this. We just need all the support we can get -- financially, emotionally," Stevens said.

Stevens has created an online fundraising account to help out Taylor.

“I just know how hard of a time it's going to be for him after losing -- in the past 10 months he's lost his father, his brother and his mother, so he has no support, no help other than just us, and we want to do everything we can for them," he said.

Taylor is grateful for the support.

“Just knowing that there's so many people around has made a big difference for me at least,” Taylor said.
“I mean, money is going to help my situation, but it's not going to solve any of my problems, but knowing there's so many people it does help a lot.”

So far, friends have raised nearly $14,000.