Door-To-Door Sales People Need Permit, Broken Arrow Police Say

Friday, April 1st 2016, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

A lot of posts on Facebook claim people going door to door selling products are committing crimes.

Several people sent us a Facebook post about men going door to door, selling things, being aggressive, casing houses and even committing crimes.

"When people come up and are pushing and demanding or beating on the door... while not illegal, they're definitely suspicious,” BAPD Sgt. Eric Nester said.

Even though police didn't find any actual crimes being committed, they did find concerning behaviors from two groups, one selling cleaning supplies and one selling magazines and books.

They also found some of those folks had out-of-state warrants, so the City of Broken Arrow suspended the panhandler license for both groups.

All business groups going door to door must have a city license.

"They're required to show it, and if they don't, it's a violation,” Nester said.

Nonprofits, like Girl Scouts don't need a license, but they still should have all the necessary paperwork to prove who they are.

Police say any time you see suspicious behavior, call and let them check it out.

"If people try to open the door or open the window rather than just knocking, that's attempted burglary, not just suspicious,” Nester said.

If someone is selling without a license, they can get a ticket. If their license is yanked and they keep selling, they can get a ticket.

Another thing you need to know: If your neighborhood puts up a no soliciting sign or you put one on your house, they can't sell to you, even if they do have a valid license.