North Tulsa Leaders Urge Community To Approve Vision Package

Monday, March 28th 2016, 1:36 pm

Tulsans vote on a new Vision package next week, and north Tulsa leaders say it could help bring in a large employer with good jobs.

The biggest pieces of undeveloped land in Tulsa are in north Tulsa, and that's an opportunity some believe could help bring in more jobs and people to the north side.

There’s a large but empty tract of land exclusive to north Tulsa. The Vision plan has $10 million in it to make the property ready for a business - potentially a big business, with lots of jobs.

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Tulsa City Councilor, Jack Henderson, said, "You're going to have a lot of jobs in north Tulsa that we didn't have before; and because of it, you're going to have people moving because they want to be associated with the business park."

Henderson and other north Tulsa leaders believe by improving the site and the roads around it, north Tulsa will get the boost it needs.

The public investment, they believe, will attract an employer and other business that comes with having people with good jobs nearby.

"This shows, demonstrates that our time is now, it's now just talk or rhetoric, it's action," said Vision supporter, Lana Turner-Addison.

Besides the $10 million for the Peoria Mohawk Business Park, there's $7 million for the "Peoria Connection" - road improvements that run north to 56th Street.

Business recruiter Rose Washington said it's essential to be ready when an employer needs a site.

"You can't be competitive if you don't have anything significant to offer someone looking for a major relocation opportunity, and that's what this site offers; 162 acres can change so many lives through the businesses offered there," said Washington.

While the Vision vote is next Tuesday, early voting starts Thursday.


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