Broken Arrow Man Describes 'Nightmare' Of Neighbor Shooting At Him

Sunday, March 27th 2016, 9:29 pm
By: News On 6

A dispute between neighbors nearly turned deadly last week.

Broken Arrow Police arrested a man for shooting at his neighbor on East 43rd Street, near the county line. That neighbor -– Brandon Calsing -- spoke exclusively with News On 6.

Calsing calls the whole experience a nightmare. He says he never expected an ordinary disagreement between neighbors to end in gunfire.

Calsing can't take his mind off of the tiny hole in his backyard fence.

There's a reason why.

"Standing right here, and looking at it now, I remember it,” he said. “It was, it was the day my neighbor tried to kill me."

Calsing says he and his son were outside playing soccer Tuesday evening when their neighbor, 74-year-old Donald Morrison, started shaking the fence, yelling and cursing at them.

Calsing walked closer to talk to Morrison.

"This is where the first gunshot came from,” he said.

That's when he heard a bullet graze past his head.

"That's when I realized, you know, he's shooting at me,” he said. “He's trying to kill me."

What's more, Calsing says his 5-year-old son Jackson was in the yard when that shot was fired. But that wasn't the only gunshot. Calsing says there were several more, like one that went through his backyard shop while he was inside.

Broken Arrow Police officers say there was a long-standing feud between the neighbors. But Calsing calls it a civil disagreement over property lines and fencing.

Whatever the reason, it was enough for Morrison to tell officers he was trying to kill his neighbor. Police arrested him for shooting with intent to kill.

"Luckily, you know, I didn't get struck,” Calsing said. “There were some that I think were extremely close. But God willing, nothing hit me."

Morrison was taken to Wagoner County Jail but was released on a $50,000 bond the next day.

He had to surrender his guns and cannot live in his home in the meantime.