Tulsa Homeowner Jumps In Getaway Truck With Alleged Burglars

Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 7:34 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man says he found two burglars in his house when he went home for lunch.

He says he chased them while on the phone to 911, and they were arrested within 10 minutes.

All the excitement ended at 51st and Peoria on Wednesday, where a couple of construction workers tackled the two suspects who were being chased by the homeowner.

He doesn't want to be identified, but when he went home for lunch, he found the men taking his TV off the wall.

"I yelled at them to get out and was behind their truck, standing and when they came out,” he said. “One was carrying a PlayStation. I noticed my other TV was in the back of their truck."

Acting on pure adrenalin and instinct, the victim didn't back down.

"I climbed in the back of the truck and the driver pulled a gun on me and told me to get down, which I did,” he said.

He says they tried to run over him getting out of the driveway, and when he got close to the passenger for a better look, the passenger punched him in the face.

Still, he jumped in his vehicle and took off after them, getting the tag number and calling 911.

Within minutes, police were on the scene and the two men, Montwain Goff and Hkaeem Elliott, were in handcuffs.

"Tulsa police were right on it, they did their job very well, very impressed,” the victim said.

Officers gave the victim his TV and other items back, and they discovered the truck was stolen from another victim so they returned that too.

Records show Goff has at least eight previous convictions for burglary, stolen vehicle and drugs. He was last released from prison in May.