Proposal In Vision Extension Could Make Tulsa Schools Safer

Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 7:11 pm

Voters decide April 5th whether to approve the Vision Tulsa sales tax extension.

One part of the proposal could help keep students safer on their way to school.

Parent Sarah Westenfelder described a scene she sees every day at Skelly Elementary, "You've got kids who are running from like five cars behind you up to the front of the school," she said. “So I think it'd be really good for everybody if something were done about it."

If you're a kid walking to the school from a neighborhood at East 30th and 90th East Avenue, you have to cross 90th East Avenue with traffic, no crosswalks, and then go all the way across the teacher parking lot to the front door - 150 yards.

City Councilor Anna America said a $14.5 million line item in the Vision tax package would pay for things like new or updated crosswalks, sidewalks and lighting at 103 schools in Tulsa Public, Jenks and Union districts.

City stats show those three districts have reported 14 of their students were either hurt or killed on or near school property.

And with many districts, including TPS, talking about cutting back on bus service next year due to budget cuts, America says even more kids will be walking to school.

"Time and time again I hear this at neighborhood meetings, 'What can we do to help the schools?' We get that that's an important part of making Tulsa a strong city. We need strong schools," she said.