City Giving Attention To Tulsa's Most Dangerous Intersections

Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 7:08 pm

At Tulsa's 25 most dangerous intersections, last year, there were 1,647 accidents. One intersection stands out as one of the worst, and it's getting some attention from the city.

Mall traffic, Union High School traffic and hospital traffic all converge on 71st and Mingo; and every day or two there’s a substantial accident.

According to Roger Coffman with Paradise Car Wash, accidents on and near the intersection are a common sight.

"Cars will actually stop in the intersection when the light turns red. They will get caught in the intersection and then people are trying to drive around the cars and they hit them. There are so many different scenarios it is crazy," he said.

Part of the reason is just simply traffic. 71st Street is one of Tulsa's busiest roads, and likely why five of the top 25 intersections with the most accidents are on 71st.

But trouble spots run all along Highway 169 - from 31st to 91st - more than 50 accidents at each those junctions by 169 last year.

The most accidents of any spot is where the Broken Arrow Expressway crosses Memorial; between the on and off ramps, 121 accidents happened last year.

City Councilor Anna America said, "If we can identify the types of accidents that are occurring and maybe see if there something we can do to fix that, alleviate that, that would certainly help out people in this part of the city."

America is especially worried about 71st and Mingo, where police handled 94 accidents last year.

The combination of increasing traffic and more accidents is one reason Mingo is the only substantial city road project in the Vision plan.

"Widening Mingo is a priority for the City for a whole lot of reasons, but public safety is one of those reasons," America said.