Ariana Grande Adopts Dog From Tulsa Shelter Before Concert

Thursday, October 8th 2015, 9:44 am
By: Richard Clark

The staff at Tulsa's BOK Center surprised singer Ariana Grande before her concert Wednesday night with help from the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa, then she surprised them. 

SMG Tulsa staff members surprised Grande at her meet and greet with eight dogs from ARF Tulsa, according to a news release. Grande has been known for taking interesting photos with building staff members on her tour, so the SMG team at BOK Center wanted to join the fun.

The SMG Tulsa folks knew Grande is a dog lover and their surprise worked on several levels.

It turned out to be love at first sight when Grande saw a Yorkie named Strauss. She adopted him on the spot, then paid the $150 adoption fee for the other seven dogs in the group as well as twelve other dogs from ARF.

"This is the most memorable thing a building has ever done for me," said Grande.

Ariana Grande's mom adopted Typhoon and Grande's DJ, DJ Dubz, adopted Beethoven. 

"We came just to let her love on dogs and never imagined three dogs would get adopted this evening. We appreciate BOK Center for inviting us and helping spread the word about our foundation," said Claire Glossop ARF Intake Coordinator and board member. "We've saved lives today and there's nothing better than that!" 

ARF Tulsa rescues pets from kill shelters and places them in permanent homes.

Learn more about ARF Tulsa.

Grande's donation means another 17 dogs are waiting for someone to adopt them for free.