Grand Jury Lists 8 Allegations, Recommends Removal Of Tulsa County Sheriff

Wednesday, September 30th 2015, 11:29 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa County sheriff announced he will resign after a grand jury recommended it and indicted him on two misdemeanor charges - willful violation of the law and refusal to perform his official duty.

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The sheriff expects to be out of office before his court date on the charges in November.

The grand jury outlined all the testimony and evidence that led it to call for Sheriff Stanley Glanz's removal from office.

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The testimony is troubling to Eric Harris' brother, Andre, who said his brother might be alive if the sheriff managed the department properly.

The grand jury listed eight allegations against Glanz; eight times it believes he acted so inappropriately that he should lose his position.

Several allegations concern former reserve deputy Bob Bates, Glanz's friend and campaign donor.

One allegation says Bates had "dangerous behavior" at the firing range and pointed his firearm at deputies. An instructor reprimanded Bates who became "angry" and "refused" to complete training.

Glanz told the instructor to "take it easy" and "pass him" [Bates] anyway. Bates passed.

Another allegation says Glanz allowed Bates to use unauthorized guns, including the one Bates mistook for his Taser when he shot and killed Eric Harris in April.

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"He had to, literally, lay down his life for all this to be revealed," Andre Harris said. He was the first to call for an investigation.

"I wouldn't want nobody's brother to have to go through this to get some justice. I'd rather lay down my life," he said.

Since April, Andre Harris has promised to shine a light on the "darkness," the allegations of misconduct in the sheriff's office that have now led to indictments.

"I have to look at it as my brother being a hero, and not somebody who was killed in the street like a dog," he said.

Wednesday, Andre Harris said he got justice.

"This beautiful city can see through a tragedy, and through what happened to my brother, it can save a lot of lives," he said.

Andre Harris wonders if Eric's life would have been spared if the red flags raised about Bates, dating back to 2009, hadn't been ignored by Glanz, he said.

"Stanley Glanz was the most powerful man in Oklahoma, and, so, after 26 years, he ain't more powerful than the man upstairs," he said.

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