TulsaWORKS Program Puts Years' Worth Of Tulsans To Work

Monday, September 28th 2015, 11:05 pm
By: News On 6

In three days’ time, anyone can learn a new trade in one of the hottest industries in Tulsa.

A program called TulsaWORKS has put thousands of Tulsans to work; now, they've added a three-day fork-lift training program, and their latest, hotel hospitality.

A high-rise Hampton Inn is being built in downtown Tulsa - it's one of several hotels being built and one of several places hiring.

TulsaWORKS can help you land the interview and keep the job.

So far this year, TulsaWORKS - part of Goodwill Industries - has put enough people to work for each day of the year.

"People come in here with very low confidence, their self-esteem is terrible, and what we're trying to do is not only encourage and empower, but train them in a specific industry," said TulsaWORKS Director, Sabrina Ware.

Some of the Tulsa industries that need workers include fork-lifting, private security and hospitality.

Instructor Allen Everett said, "Things like serving the food from the left and drinks from the right."

Everett shadowed hospitality staff at Tulsa's Hyatt, Embassy Suites and Renaissance. He's combined those experiences with curriculum from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute - the gold standard in hospitality.

That's what Jenny Alyias, a former hotel housekeeper and hopeful hotel supervisor, has her sights on.

"By getting the standard, people will look at me with an understanding that I know what I'm doing. That I'm not just off the street and they're going to have to train me," she said.

Coordinator Christina Ward and Ware said they also offer resume help, computer classes and even a mock interview with a free interview outfit.

"We've had people that have had PhDs come through our program because they've never had to interview, and, all of a sudden, they're at a point in life where they have to interview," Ward said.

Seven people have already graduated from the hospitality program, which launched last month. They're now interviewing for jobs at Tulsa hotels.

Alyias said, "Gives me more confidence, and so I can advance to supervisory positions, which is what I want."

The hospitality program costs $50, but TulsaWORKS can work with those who might not be able to afford it.

You can get more information on the TulsaWORKS Program here.