Microbreweries Making Big Splash In Tulsa Scene

Tuesday, September 22nd 2015, 11:09 pm
By: News On 6

The craft beer scene is growing across the nation and now the city of Tulsa is seeing the same trend.

Permits from microbreweries are coming in at a steady pace, and one of those will ship out its first batch of kegs Wednesday.

Located in the Pearl District, Dead Armadillo Brewery has put a lot of effort into getting the project up and running.

It’s been selling its Amber Ale for a number of years now but had to borrow space from another brewery in Midwest City. But now they have their own space, and with trucks ready to pick up orders Wednesday, missing that deadline isn't an option.

Tuesday, owner Tony Peck gave News On 6 a tour of the now up and running facility.

“These are all kegs about to be filled today. We've got 20 barrels of Amber in that tank that we've been working on today, and that one has 20 barrels of IPA coming out next week,” he said.

After borrowing space from other breweries, he and co-owner Mason Beecroft finally have a place to call their own.

It has been a year of ups and downs, but they weren't opening until the product was perfect.

In addition to Dead Armadillo, another brewery just got its permit last week to build; Renaissance hopes to break ground on their new site in the next few months.

Along with brew space, they plan to have a tap room, possibly a restaurant, and two apartments.

Eric Marshall of Marshall Brewing couldn't be happier that the Tulsa craft beer scene is making progress.

“We're friends with those guys, and it’s great they can get the door open and add what they can to the Oklahoma beer scene,” Marshall said.

He and Elliot Nelson are opening a brew pub in the currently under construction Gates building across from ONEOK Field.

Back at Dead Armadillo, Tuesday, kegs were being filled one at a time.

"It’s a labor of love, or self-punishment, I’m not sure," Peck said.

But their passion for the craft is what was so obvious. Long nights and a lot of learning, but for them it was worth every minute.

"This market, while difficult to navigate some of the laws, is ripe for more breweries; and not just us, we're excited for Renaissance and others trying to get their feet off the ground," said Peck.

After a two month hiatus during the transition, Dead Armadillo’s Amber Ale will be available to the public after Wednesday. And in one week, their IPA - previously only available at festivals - will be ready for distribution as well.