Misunderstanding Results In Mounds Officer Denied Service; Restaurant Apologetic

Monday, September 14th 2015, 11:23 pm
By: News On 6

A misunderstanding led to a Mounds police officer being denied service at a south Tulsa restaurant.

Officer Brian Radford, a full-time, certified police officer, who is reserving for Mounds Police Department, went to Red Rock Canyon Grill for lunch Sunday.

According what he posted on Facebook, an employee turned him away because he was carrying his firearm.

Restaurant owners said the person who waited on him was a manager in training and not familiar with company policy.

Mounds Assistant Police Chief Craig Murray said Radford went to Red Rock Canyon Grill for lunch before heading into work.

“He was in the Mounds PD uniform…and he was going to report to work after that for his shift," he said.

Though the Mounds uniform is a bit more casual than some departments, Murray said Radford had his uniform and badge on, that both say “officer.”

Jeremy Brim, an area partner for Red Rock Canyon Grill, said a newly hired employee made a mistake in asking him to conceal his weapon.

"We just didn’t realize his uniform was a police uniform and we understand a firearm is part of a police uniform. We would never refuse service to a law enforcement official," Brim said.

He said they immediately reached out to the officer and Mounds PD to apologize about the misunderstanding.

Brim said, “Police in the building is a great thing. Guests like to see that, and we like to see that in the buildings. We take ownership of the mistake of not identifying him as a police officer and we are very apologetic about that."

Murray said, “This was a misunderstanding and the restaurant has made a full apology not only to Radford but other officers, so any other misunderstanding on this incident can be squashed."

Policy at Red Rock Canyon Grill regarding firearms is to allow law enforcement to openly wear their weapons, but citizens with conceal carry are asked to conceal while in the establishment.