Thieves Steal Copper, Guitars From Tulsa Nonprofit

Sunday, September 13th 2015, 11:51 pm
By: News On 6

A nonprofit needs help finding a dozen of its stolen guitars.

Tulsanity Inc. says when its warehouse was burglarized last week, thieves stole guitars and copper wiring.

The signs of the damage are clear. At the front of the building, the wires are clipped and still a mangled mess waiting to be fixed.

Company representatives say, thieves could sell the copper and guitars to make a few bucks; however, it's taking thousands away from charity.

Inside this warehouse, Tulsanity Inc. stores items from its two popular events: The Williams Route 66 Marathon and the Center of the Universe Music Festival, but outside and inside there's a lot missing.

"This is the other side where the cables come in,” Chris Lieberman said. “You can see where they cut them and the cables come through."

Copper is what executive director Lieberman believes crooks were looking for when they broke through the garage. He says they got away with a lot more, including 12 guitars and several autographed drum skins.

"So you can see this is one of the guitars we have remaining,” he said. “It was at our office instead of the warehouse."

By themselves, the guitars aren't worth much, but with the add ons, the value goes up fast.

"The guitars were signed by all of the bands over the last few years, and we periodically give them to various charities for their auctions and they make $500 or $600 a guitar. It's a great thing we do and a neat thing we get to do, and it's a shame we lost them all."

A neighboring business' surveillance camera caught images of a white truck and man Lieberman thinks is responsible.

Lieberman says Tulsanity has only been storing items here for a few weeks, so it's a shocking that someone would swoop in so fast.

"The guitars are the things people really want, and that's why we do. That's why the musicians take the time to sign them, and it's just a shame that they are gone now."

Unlike the guitars, with several thousand dollars, the stolen copper can be replaced. Only with the police and public's help can the guitars be returned.