Rogers County Man's Bolt From Courthouse Lands Him In Jail

Thursday, August 27th 2015, 8:17 pm
By: News On 6

A Rogers County man’s bolt from a courtroom has him facing even more charges.

Wednesday, William Birdtail was tackled before he made it to the front door of the courthouse, so Thursday he was back in the same courtroom, this time in handcuffs.

Birdtail came to court Wednesday afternoon and the judge told him he was going to be handcuffed and taken to jail. He didn't want to go, so he bolted out of the courtroom and the deputy chased after him.

It was all caught on camera.

Video shows Birdtail standing behind the railing in the courtroom and he's handed paperwork.

He was charged in April with domestic assault by strangulation and has a protective order against him - that case is still pending.

Wednesday he was in court because he was charged in August for aggravated domestic assault and battery. He learned a warrant had been issued for him the day before, so he was going to jail, plus the judge raised the original bond to $200,000.

That's when Birdtail took off, out the courtroom door, with the deputy right behind him.

The deputy lets others know over the radio they've got a runner as Birdtail races down three flights of stairs, with the deputy hot on his trail.

Major Coy Jenkins with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office said, "I'd like to think our staff does as good a job to prepare for these worst case scenarios as humanly possible."

Birdtail makes it to the first floor where a reserve deputy, who was working the metal detectors, tries to intervene just as other deputies get there.

The reserve deputy gets knocked down as the deputies get a hold of Birdtail right inside the courthouse's front doors.

“Officers were yelling at him to stop. He met officers at the front door and they were laying hands on him and tried to resolve the situation but when it escalated, they had to go to a Taser," Jenkins said.

Video shows the deputy fire his Taser and immediately Birdtail stops struggling and gets handcuffed. He now faces additional charges of assaulting officers, escape and resisting.

The judge told Birdtail, based on what happened Wednesday in court and given the serious nature of his previous charges, he was going to be held in jail with no bond.