Tulsa Police Catch Accused Bank Robber Hours After Crime

Thursday, August 13th 2015, 8:05 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police arrested a bank robbery suspect just two hours after they said he walked into a downtown federal credit union demanding money. Detectives believe he's also connected to other recent robberies.

When detectives saw the surveillance video of the man robbing the federal credit union, they immediately knew they were looking for the same man who robbed a Walgreens and another bank in July.

Police said one of the clerks in the credit union got a good description of the get-away vehicle Jerrold Jones was in, so a patrol corporal decided to drive around and look for it.

He found it at Jones’ father's house.

"Robbery detectives went to the house and he came out to the front yard as we were walking up there," Sergeant Brandon Watkins said.

They said surveillance video shows Jones going into the credit union with part of his face covered, carrying a plastic sack and demanding money.

"He was loud and demanding, enough it make the clerks nervous," Watkins said.

Police say different surveillance video shows Jones at robbery at a Tulsa Walgreens They said he tried to rob a check cashing place right before that Walgreens, but didn't get any money there.

They believe he also robbed an IBC bank in late July.

Police say bank robberies have dropped drastically in Tulsa.

"We went from having 30 a year to five, six in the last four years. We've shut down bank robberies in Tulsa, partly due to the banks having excellent security systems," Watkins explained.

Detectives are counting and logging the money they found on Jones after his arrest, along with a dye pack from the credit union.

Jones' father said his son has mental problems and they had no idea about any robberies until police arrested him.

In most cities, the FBI handles bank robberies, but in Tulsa the police take the lead.