Dash Cam Video: Murder Suspect Tells Tulsa Police Why She Ran

Monday, August 10th 2015, 8:21 pm
By: News On 6

Dash camera video from a high-speed chase in Tulsa shows the woman arrested tell officers a man was hiding in her back seat with a gun to her head making her do it.

Sarah Helton, also known as Sarah Peters and Campbell, is still in jail for a number of crimes, including accessory after a murder, running from police.

Newly released video of her running from police on two flat tires is pretty good, but it's what happens after they put her in the cop car is when it really gets interesting.

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"Southbound on Harvard, blew a tire, has one flat, on the sidewalk, back on Harvard," the officer in the video said.

When an officer spotted Helton, he took off after her because she had gotten away from police once before and she was wanted in connection to a murder.

"Right front flat tire, right front flat tire, approaching Independence,” he said.

Her flat tires were from stop sticks, but she kept racing through traffic and blowing through red lights on a Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. until about five miles into it, when she lost control and crashed; nobody was hurt.

"She crashed here at Children's corner," the officer said.

Officers jumped out with guns drawn, and because she couldn't open the driver's door, she crawled out the passenger side and officers grabbed her and took her to a patrol car, where there's another camera, and that's when it begins.

Sarah: "Please don't let him kill me. Please. Thank you so much. Oh my, God, he's going to kill me."
Officer: "Why you running for?"
Sarah: "He had a gun on me. I couldn't stop. I had no brakes. He had a gun on me."
Officer: "There's no one else in the car."
Sarah: "Yes, he was, in the backseat and he had a gun to my head. I swear to God."
Sarah: "Please, he's going to shoot me, please, please, please, he's going to shoot me. Oh my God, please don't let him shoot me."

She even gives officers a name and a description and says the man had jumped out before she crashed, although that's not visible on the tape. She said he was going to kill her parents and children.

Officer: "You need to calm down."
Sarah: "I don't know what to do. He's going to kill my babies."

Police said a man went to Sarah's house a few weeks earlier to get back items she had stolen from him. They said her step-son, William Campbell, shot the man, Craig Wingard, with a rifle.

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Wingard died a few days later.

Police arrested Sarah for driving her step-son away from the scene. They arrested the boy's father for trying to help Sarah and his son, avoid arrest.

Detectives said after she got to the detective's division, she gave up on her story of being held at gunpoint, especially after they told her they'd had her under surveillance before the chase began.