Gun Simulator Facility Trains Public To Be Ready When Danger Hits

Sunday, August 9th 2015, 10:23 pm
By: News On 6

Knowing what to do when there is an active shooter isn't only for the police. Gun safety trainers say it's something the public also should know.

The new Shield Training Facility is now open Tulsa on South Mingo and ready to train. It merges an average shooting range and a gun safety class together through simulator programs.

Owners say it gives people real experience without the threat of live ammunition.

The simulator programs range from person to person contact to home invasions to just plain old target practice.

While the new facility is based off law enforcement grade training, it's open to police as well as the general public.

In addition to the simulation training, other training ranges include the use of pepper spray, stun guns and home defense.

Owners say with so many cases of mass shootings or accidental shootings, it's important for people who have guns not to only rely on having the gun, but they need to have the training.

"Everybody wants to see the Hollywood movies these days and think when the pressure things hit the fans that they are some superhero,” Shield Academy owner Mike Lowry said. “It's not how it goes. You sink to the level of training so you can carry all the equipment and self-defense stuff, but if you don't' know how to use them, it doesn't matter what you're carrying."

People of all ages are welcome at the facility. Minors will have to have a parent waiver signed due to the nature of some of the simulators that can be chosen.

Prices for one person start at $15 for 10 minutes, and the cost can go up from there.

For more information about Shield Training, click here.