Police Investigate Vandalism In Tulsa Neighborhood

Friday, August 7th 2015, 10:35 pm
By: News On 6

Vandals are still on the loose after spray painting multiple homes with satanic and obscene words like “God is Satan” and “dead people inside.”

Those are just a few of the offensive and vulgar words people in the White City neighborhood woke up to find scribbled on their homes in black spray paint. "It does feel like an invasion," says vandalism victim Vanessa Roberts.

Roberts' shed was vandalized, but she says this little bit of paint is nothing compared to what some of her neighbors will have to clean up. 

Some have already painted over it while others are just starting. "It's a violation. These are people's home[s] that they have pride in,” explained Roberts. “They've lived here a long time and for someone to do that, to mark on their home without their permission, it's hard to see."

On street after street, houses were tagged. As for who's responsible for it, police are still looking. "You're looking at vandalism and in legal terms it's malicious mischief. If the damage is over $2,500 you're looking at a felony. Anything below that you're looking at a misdemeanor, so you're looking at a fine and or some jail time," elaborated Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley.

Roberts says for so many people in one neighborhood to be vandalized, it casts a negative light over everyone. 

She's never seen anything like it in ten years of living here. She says it will help bind the community together. "We [have to] look out for each other," she explained.

And she'll do that with her porch lights on, and her eyes wide open.