Rebel Flag Rally Held In Tulsa

Saturday, July 25th 2015, 4:51 pm
By: News On 6

A group rallied to show support for the Confederate flag Saturday at Tulsa City Hall. Demonstrators from northeastern Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City area say they aren't about hate, they're about heritage and showing pride in their Southern past.

They also believe the government is overstepping its authority in opposing the use of the flag. 

Arlene Barnum is passionate in her defense of the Rebel flag. She said she lives in Oklahoma but was raised in Texas and Louisiana.

Barnum also said doesn't like special interest groups trying to take down a symbol of Southern heritage. She said it especially bothers her that some groups are trying to take them down from historical monuments and graveyards.

She believes the people who are against the flag are promoting hate and racial division.

"People need to get over it," she said.

After the flag rally, another group hit the same piece of pavement to, as they put it, "sweep the hate away."

The "Say No to Hate Coalition" brought brooms and swept the section of sidewalk that had been occupied by the rebel flag supporters.

Members say they were trying to say no to a divisive message.