Rogers County Sheriff's Office Searching For Rape Suspect

Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 6:24 pm
By: Tess Maune

Rogers County deputies are looking for a man they say beat and raped a woman. They released a composite sketch of what the victim says the man looks like. 

Deputies say the victim was hitchhiking, and a man driving a beige, extended-cab pickup truck picked her up. They say the woman was home and trying to catch a ride up to the next town.

The sun was still out when Rogers County deputies say a man picked up a hitchhiking woman along Highway 169 and 36th Street North last Monday evening, July 13, 2015.

"Climbs in the vehicle, no issues," said Deputy Jerry Smittle, Rogers County Sheriff's Office. "It was just at that time when he was telling her, 'for me to take you where you want to go, you have to provide sex.' "

Deputy Jerry Smittle says the victim refused to have sex with the driver. That's when, Smittle says, the two started arguing as the man kept driving north on 169  before stopping at the Caney River Bridge in Rogers County.     

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"He knew a place where to go, nobody was gonna see him do below there, where he could do what he did," Smittle said.

What the man did, according to Smittle, was beat the 56-year-old woman profusely. Then he raped her and left her naked under the bridge.

"To me, right next to sexual assaults on children, rape is just as filthy as it gets," Smittle said.

The woman, without any clothes, managed to walk back up to the highway. A passerby spotted her just before 9:30 that night and called 911.
With the victim's help, an OSBI sketch artist drew up a composite of what the man might look like.

The victim said she believes the man is white and 45 to 50 years old, with brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'5", 170 pounds with a big belly.
A man who Smittle says needs to be caught as soon as possible. 
"If someone was to recognize this individual, and we would be able to go forward and hopefully get him pulled off the street before this happens again," said Deputy Jerry Smittle, Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

The victim is recovering.  Once again, she told deputies the attacker was driving a beige, extended-cab pickup.

If you know anything call the Rogers County Sheriff's Tipline at 918-341-3620.