Local Tae Kwon Do Instructor Attempts To Reach Masterful Heights

Thursday, July 16th 2015, 10:47 pm
By: News On 6

The literal translation of Tae Kwon Do is the way of the hand and the foot.

Jenks Martial Arts Instructor and 5th degree black belt Eric Pizzaro is becoming a master.

Eric Pizzaro, a 5th degree black belt, said, "Martial Arts is all about not kick and punching and all that, that's great, and about self-defense, but it's about becoming a better person and a human being."

Pizzaro will attempt to be recognized as a master of the art this upcoming weekend at the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance Summer Nationals in Tulsa.

Pizarro, "Since it's my passion, you can't just stop there, you always want to know just a little bit more, you want to find out what's behind the next door."

Jason Wadley, a master instructor and Eric's teacher, says about Pizzaro, "On the outside he's a real nice guys, but inside the ring he's like a Tiger."

Pizzaro's progression takes years.  For every degree on a black belt, you have to have the minimum of that many years training to progress. So after six years, Pizzaro will be able to test for his 6th degree black belt. 

Pizarro's black belt testing consists of set patterns, sparring where he says, "You demonstrate not a specific power or dominance or something like that, it's more a demonstration of skill, the mastery of timing distance and angling."

In addition, there's board breaking. Pizzaro says, "When you've been doing it 33 years, it's not the hardest thing to do."

And with kicks like that, becoming a master won't be too hard. 

This weekend the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance will hold it's Summer Nationals in Tulsa. They will hold a 1,000 Board Break and proceeds will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. There will also be Black Belt Competitions, Black Belt Testing and Demonstration Team Competition.