Road Closures May Delay Some When Trying To See Fireworks

Saturday, July 4th 2015, 6:39 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa's Freedom Fest is well underway tonight. However, if you want to get a view of tonight's fireworks, you may have some trouble. News on 6 explains why organizers say it's best to head out early.

It's a celebration of the red, white and blue today, but just on the outskirts of all of the fun, stand orange and white street closure barriers.

Starting as early as 10 a.m., streets began shutting down, starting with the 23rd Street Bridge, all of the roads next to Veterans Park, and the surrounding neighborhoods. At 5p.m., Riverside Drive will completely shut down.

“This is actually our 24th year to come out here actually we got out here today at about 9:15 because of the west side being closed down," Freedom Fest visitor Sheri Cooper said.

Cooper and her family are now pro's at planning their Freedom Fest activities, but considering all of the warning they got to get there early to avoid a hassle, Cooper says the early crowd was shockingly small.

“It's a nice day there’s a lot of space to set out and it's kinda weird that there aren't many people here," Cooper said.

For this family and the early comers, while they have a bit longer to wait for the fireworks show, they have a nice shady spot to sit and reflect on what today is really all about.

"What's choking you up right now, it's just I appreciate my husband and what he does for our country and what other military families do and the sacrifices that they make so that we can have this freedom to be here and celebrate our freedom," Cooper said.

Riverside Drive down past the Gathering Place on the east bank of the river is also closed off due to construction and trail closures. People wanting to see fireworks will not be able to park there to watch the show either. Click here to view a map of all the road closures.