Oil Spill Leads To Motorcycle Crash On Tulsa Highway

Wednesday, June 24th 2015, 9:45 am
By: Richard Clark

Tulsa Police blame a motorcycle crash on Highway 75 on a spill from a gallon jug of motor oil.

An officer heading to another wreck drove up on the incident in the northbound lanes of Highway 75 near Pine at about 7:30 Wednesday morning.

He said a one-gallon jug of motor oil fell off a vehicle and broke open. Other vehicles traveling northbound hit the oil and spread it all over the roadway. A northbound motorcycle hit the slick spot and the rider lost control.

Police said the man has head injuries and scrapes, but was alert and talking when took him to the hospital. He was not wearing a helmet, police said.

A Tulsa Fire Department Hazardous Materials team cleaned up the spill.