Creek County Residents Not Fazed By Tropical Depression Bill

Thursday, June 18th 2015, 7:22 pm
By: News On 6

Tropical Depression Bill deposited a lot of rain across Oklahoma, and people down in Creek County seemed to deal with it pretty well.

High water rose in Bristow and Thursday people were out dealing with the rain, including some workers putting flood down in the middle school.

Across the street from there, at Bolin Ford, people took a break and watched the rain. They said the rain has uncovered a bunch of new roof leaks.

Besides the leaks, it seemed like the water was going pretty much where it's supposed to in Bristow, but it was a different story at Sapulpa's Rock Creek.

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At the Corner of Washington and Water Street, there are a couple of retention ponds that were flooded, but the nearby houses were okay, and so were the people inside them.

"We're lucky. It's strange cause everything down there is under water. My next door neighbor three weeks ago they had to evacuate her by boat,” Mickey Farr said.

This time wasn't as bad, and once it stops raining, the neighbors said the water will pretty quickly go back down and hopefully be back to normal by the weekend.