Prosecutors: Tulsa Woman Accused Of Attacking Body In Casket Violated Agreement

Monday, June 15th 2015, 7:44 pm
By: News On 6

The woman charged with attacking a woman's body in her casket could get her bond revoked this week.

Shaynna Sims is out of jail on bond under the condition she does not leave Muskogee County, but prosecutors say she violated that agreement.

The court record website incorrectly stated last Friday that a motion had been granted to revoke Sims' bond. Instead, a motion was granted to set a hearing to revoke her bond.

The second time Sims bonded out she was ordered to wear at GPS monitor and was ordered not to come to Tulsa County unless she had a medical appointment or some other emergency.

Now, prosecutors say not only did she leave Muskogee County and come into Tulsa County, but went to the very apartment complex where the victim's children live.

The apartment complex manager and two women called police saying Sims was clearly wearing a wig, trying to disguise herself, when she went to the apartment complex on South Mingo and tried to apply for a free phone.

"I looked down at her shoes and could see the ankle monitor through her pants and I knew right there, something wasn't right," one witness said.

Sims was denied the phone because her ID had expired; however, when the women recognized her they called police.

"That's creepy because you don't know what she's going to do," the witness said.

That's why prosecutors say they're going to ask a judge on Wednesday to revoke Sims' bond altogether.

Sims is accused of going to a funeral home and attacking the body a woman named Tabitha in her casket. She's accused of cutting the victim's face, removing a breast and toe then leaving the funeral home.

A judge has since ordered Sims to have a competency evaluation for Sims that should be completed by August.

The police officer told the victims' children, who still live at the apartment complex, to go get a protective order.

Also, the attorney Sims initially hired has pulled out of the case.