Muskogee Residents With Disabilities Have Bikes Stolen

Thursday, June 11th 2015, 7:22 pm
By: News On 6

Muskogee Police said two bikes being reported stolen on the same day is not a rare occurrence, but they said what is rare is who it happened to.

The bikes were stolen from two different men with disabilities; now officers are trying to make the wrongs right however they can.

David Harris and his mother Jerroldine are trying to figure out why someone would steal David's tricycle right out of their front yard.

"It's not good, just heartbroken, it's bad," David said.

Jerroldine said, "That's his transportation. He can talk to people when he rides around on it, he feels independent and he does his jobs that way."

David typically spends his days on the trike, but now he sits and waits instead.

Officer Lincoln Anderson with the Muskogee police department said bike thefts are not rare, in fact, reports come in every day, but Anderson said the two most recent reports really tugged at all the officers' hearts.

First the report of David's tricycle, then the second, a report made by a man everyone knows around town.

"Everybody knows Verlin, I've used local celebrity several times, and he really is. He walks through the mall, he has people sign a cup, has people sign a balloon, he's just a, you can't help but like him," Anderson said.

Verlin lives in a group home and uses his bike to get around.

When officers realized he'd lost his most prized possession they said they had to step in, so they went out and got him a new one the very same day.

"Now that we've replaced Verlin's bicycle, now we need to try to figure out if we can replace the tricycle or if we can find it and get it back to him, because he needs it," Anderson said.

David's trike is harder to replace, but police said they're working hard to get it back. Something Jerroldine and David are thankful for.

"He said every day, ‘Mom, I can't believe it. Where's my bike? Where's my bike,'" Jerroldine said.

David's trike is blue with a tractor seat, basket and an orange flag on the back.

If you've seen the trike or know anything about the crime you're urged to contact Muskogee police at 918-683-8000.