Tulsa Architect Selling Interesting Collections

Wednesday, June 10th 2015, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

If you're a fan of a good estate sale, there's one coming up next week that's a bit different.

Architect John Brooks Walton is selling a warehouse full of personal things he's accumulated over the years, and it's something you just have to see.

Anne Walton walked through her dad's office and warehouse which is loaded with things he's picked up over the last fifty years or so, that he thought were interesting or had a particular style.

"To make your house interesting and give it a story," Anne said.

She said, not things for himself, but something he might find another use or place for. She said he had a thing for chairs.

"He painted chairs. He always bought chairs, he never sat in them," said Anne.

Really uncomfortable chairs, she said. But he bought them for what they looked like, not what they sat like.

"I'd look for anything that had good style to it, and if it did I was interested in it," John said.

The rooms are full of things that sparked his interest, like a basket used to carry and ship artillery shells.

"Hang it on the wall, put some greenery in there and you've got something interesting," Anne said.

He's also selling lots of his artwork - paintings he's done and terracotta heads of no one in particular.

John's an architect who loves architecture and its history. He's written several books on our historic homes which will be on sale too.

The big sale starts Wednesday, June 17 and runs through Saturday, June 20.

There is information and even pictures on the Estate Sales By Allen website.