Man Threatens To Kill Tulsa Sheriff, Fires Shots Near Neighbor's Home

Tuesday, June 9th 2015, 7:30 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man is in jail after police said he threatened to kill the Tulsa County sheriff, broke into a home, fired shots into the air then carjacked a preacher.

Records show Ramie Tiger is an ex-con currently serving a suspended sentence for his eighth felony conviction.

One of Tiger's victims, Gaylon Morgan, said his wife was cooking dinner and he was letting the dog out when, all of the sudden, the devil was at his door.

"He was very sweaty, his eyes were wide open; he had foam in the corners of his mouth like a wild dog," he said.

Gaylon said Tiger, his neighbor, burst into his house and was talking and acting crazy.

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"'Gaylon, help me kill Stanley Glanz, he trippin,' that's when he pulled out the gun and cocked it and said, ‘come on, let's ride,'" he said.

Gaylon said he got Tiger out of his house then went to his bedroom to get his own gun, but Tiger burst back in.

When Gaylon got him back outside he locked the door, but Tiger still tried to get in, so Gaylon told his wife to take cover.

"That's when he came off the porch and started firing shots into the air, hollering my name. So, I came to this window and when he fired the second shot, I had no choice but to fire and get him away from here," he said.

Gaylon's seven shots through the window did the trick and Tiger took off. Police said he carjacked a pastor nearby.

While officers were at Gaylon's house, Tiger's wife drove up in the preacher's car and told police where they could find her husband.

Records show Tiger's juvenile record started when he was nine and went from there, and in 2013 he got his eighth felony conviction, the fifth one for drugs.

Even though investigators recommended he get prison time, he got a four-year suspended sentence that expires in 2017 instead.

As for Gaylon, he's still shaken up from the terrifying ordeal.

"I hate to have to act like that with one of my neighbors. Oh, I just wish I could restart yesterday," he said.

Tiger's also charged with threatening to blow up Tulsa's juvenile courthouse. That case is still pending.