Tess Maune And Dick Faurot Get A Lesson In Bow Fishing

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 7:54 pm
By: Tess Maune

The upside to all the high water is that it makes for good fishing.

Thursday, I headed out to Lake Eufaula with Dick Faurot to take aim with a few of Oklahoma's Own bow fishermen.

Our guides, Ivan Mussleman, Dalton Meness, Trey Downum and his 5-year-old son Mason, said the fish won't be hard to spot once we get to the honey hole out near Lake Eufaula.

“That was a big, old gar right there, a big gar,” Mussleman pointed out.

Gar is primarily what we're after, and Faurot was so excited to take aim that his first shot wasn't even at fish, it was a stick.

Our guides have been having better luck. Earlier in the week, 13-year-old Dalton shot a gar that was taller than him - that's over five feet.

It weighed 28 pounds, but Dalton wouldn't be a real fisherman if he didn't have a story about the one that got away.

“Probably 45-50 pounds. Longnose. Would have been the state record, well it looked like it might have been the state record if we'd got it in,” he said.

So that's what we were looking for, that big fish; or really just any gar in shallow water.

Now, I've done this before on my own, successfully, but just to be safe Dalton gave me a quick lesson.

I learned quickly that, when you're on a boat, ladies don't necessarily come first.

So we hand it over to the professional, "No Miss Meness," they call him. And he lives up to his name, bringing in two fish.

While he was able to snag a few, Faurot and I were still searching, and with every tail or fin we spot, Faurot takes the shot.

“I shot over him again, didn't I,” Faurot said.

And just when I think it's finally my turn, Faurot shoots again, and that's why no one can out-fish Faurot.

Some anglers eat gar while others use it as catfish bait or even as fertilizer in their garden.