Fort Gibson Dam Roars As Lake Nears Its Capacity

Monday, June 1st 2015, 12:14 am
By: News On 6

As water continues to pour out of Fort Gibson Dam, people who live near it are on high alert for fear of possible flooding.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is keeping a close watch on water levels.

All of the gates at the dam are open and the water flow increases with each passing day. With the dam holding capacity near 100 percent and rising, the water has to be let out before it forces itself out.

With no sign of slowing down, the water is spilling out faster than some have seen it in years.

All month long, heavy rain has fallen. Filling up the Fort Gibson Lake behind the dam, and now it's time to let it flow.

But doing that is putting some of the Muskogee county communities like Webbers Falls and Flower Creek at a higher flood risk. With nowhere else for the water to go, the best thing to do is be ready for it by either evacuating or setting up sandbags.

The bags are being filled in neighboring Wagoner County, but will be distributed throughout Muskogee County.

By the time volunteers finish, 55,000 bags will be ready. About 10,000 are expected to go to the town of Webbers Falls alone, the rest will be available as needed at the Muskogee County district barn.

So far, there have been no mandatory evacuations.