Soggy May Coming To An End For Oklahoma

Sunday, May 31st 2015, 2:01 pm
By: Stacia Knight

May is coming to an end, and what a soggy May it has been! 

It wasn't record setting for Tulsa, but it was for the state as a whole. Rainfall totals with a few hours left to go include 24.5 inches in McAlester, 23.5 inches in Eufaula, 18.0 inches in Tahlequah and 16.1 inches in Oklahoma City.

Tulsa picked up 14.77 inches at the airport making it the fifth wettest month on record.

That's not Tulsa's fifth wettest May on record, it's "Tulsa's fifth wettest MONTH on record."

Unless a pop-up shower today can squeeze out another .10” of an inch of rain, we will be sitting in 5th place. 14” is a lot of water for one month and it was too much for a lot of locations.

Flooding issues have been a big concern this month, especially flash flooding. The night of May 23rd, Tulsa picked up 2” of rain in a 6-hour period. That day had a total of 3.36 inches. Streets and homes were flooded, as well as water rescues taking place.

We didn't have it as bad as other locations around the country, but it was still a lot of water in a short amount of time. As we finish this month, we end about 9 inches above normal for rainfall.

These May rains finished off what was left of our drought, especially out in western Oklahoma.