Family Trapped In Broken Bow Cabin Thankful For Rescuers

Tuesday, May 26th 2015, 7:35 pm
By: News On 6

A quiet holiday weekend in a cabin with family ended with a call for help and a fire department water rescue in southeastern Oklahoma near Broken Bow.

Here at News On 6, we learned about it from a news alert, saying a dozen or so people were trapped in a cabin on the Lower Mountain Fork River near Broken Bow.

"They're ok, it's not up into the house, they've got food and water, it's just a waiting game, they're ok," one trooper said.

Kelsey Peace, who lives in Texas, posted about the predicament on Facebook and called 911. Her post was shared several times and friends sent good wishes and prayers.

Kelsey posted some photos from the front porch of the cabin that showed just how high the water had risen.

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Her 911 call alerted the Broken Bow Fire Department and they got their water rescue team activated.

While they waited to be rescued, they people were able to provide a little TLC to a baby deer that was trapped by the same high water and swam up to the cabin's front porch.

The fire department kept trying to get back into where Kelsey and her family were trapped.

Twice they tried and were unsuccessful and were afraid they'd have to get a helicopter to pull them out, but the third time was the charm.

"It was really scary. We were just very thankful that we got out when we did. We were very thankful for the Broken Bow Fire Department," Kelsey said.

It was frightening, but also unforgettable Memorial Day Weekend for Kelsey.

As far as the deer, it was taken by the Game Warden.

The kids wanted to name it Bambi, but Kelsey said she named it River because it seemed more appropriate.