Chilling Details Released Of Incident That Killed Claremore Firefighter

Tuesday, May 26th 2015, 2:08 pm
By: Richard Clark

The Claremore Fire Department on Tuesday released chilling details of the incident that claimed the life of Captain Jason Farley and hurt another firefighter over the weekend.

Seven members of the Claremore Fire Department were on scene Saturday, May 23, 2015 to assist with the evacuation of residents of Archer Court due to flash flooding. 

According to the news release, Captain Farley slipped or fell into the area around a storm drain and all personnel on scene rushed to help. A firefighter grabbed hold of Captain Farley while another firefighter held that one. 

As Lieutenant Zane James went to help the other firefighters pull Captain Farley out, Farley and James were pulled into the storm drain.

Lieutenant James was pushed through the storm drain pipe by the water. He held his breath as long as he could before inhaling water. He was ejected from the pipe into a fence, where he was able to crawl back to the street. A firefighter got him to safety while the other firefighters searched for the two separate outlets of the storm drain for any sign of Captain Farley.

More firefighters and Claremore police officers arrived and began searching further downstream. Verdigris Fire District, Northwest Rogers County Fire District, Pafford EMS, Rogers County Sheriff's Department, and several other agencies also joined in the search. 

The Claremore Street Department eventually used heavy equipment to dig up the storm pipe and firefighters from Verdigris recovered his body about two hours after he was swept away.

The Claremore Fire Department says it is deeply indebted to the Verdigris Fire District for its assistance in retrieving Captain Farley's body.

More than a thousand people turned out in Verdigris Monday night to show support for the Claremore Fire Department and Captain Farley's family, who had just returned home after being out of the country when the tragedy happened. 

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Lieutenant Zane James was released from the hospital Monday evening but was readmitted on Tuesday. The department said he's in stable condition.

The fire department says it will hold a funeral for Captain Farley on Saturday, May 30, 2015 and will announce details once they're finalized. 

The department says a retired Broken Arrow firefighter who works with Captain Farley's wife has started a gofund me account for the family.

Visit the gofund me account for the Farley family.

The department says donations for the family are also being accepted at fire station #1 in Claremore.