Flooding Leaves Big Surprise For Muskogee Family

Monday, May 25th 2015, 10:03 am
By: Richard Clark

A Muskogee family found a surprise in the front yard after Saturday night's storm. It was a huge fish.

Chelsi Wallingford said there's a pond and small stream in their back yard, but nothing big enough for the giant carp.

She said the heavy rain Saturday night flooded both the pond and the stream, with the rising water eventually spreading to the front yard. 

"We are guessing the fish was swimming upstream from the Arkansas River and tried to cross our yard and got stuck as the water receded. My husband noticed the fish as he was coming home from church," she wrote.

She said the yard is about 150 yards away from the river. 

"We didn't weigh it but we are guessing it was close to 35 pounds," she said.