Tulsa Woman Accused Of Attacking Body Wears Disguise To Court

Monday, May 18th 2015, 8:45 pm
By: News On 6

The woman charged with attacking the body of a woman in a casket is back in jail.

Shaynna Sims, aka Shaynna Smith, was taken into custody in court Monday after the district attorney added a new charge of cutting off the victim's breast and toe. She was already charged for cutting the victim's hair and face and stealing her shoes.

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The judge set a $10,000 bond for the new charge and said Sims has to stay in Muskogee County, has to be home from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day and that she can't have any contact with Tabatha's family.

Sims was almost unrecognizable in court Monday, as the woman arrested with straight reddish hair showed up wearing a big, brown wig and big white sunglasses.

She was kept in a nearby courtroom, away from Tabatha's family and friends, until she was escorted into court and immediately placed in handcuffs.

The deputy told Sims to remove her glasses and her wig, but she said the wig was attached.

Charlsie Norton was Tabatha's best friend for 15 years, and while she was glad to see Sims in handcuffs, she said it's been traumatic for everyone who loved Tabatha and wanted her to be laid to rest in peace.

"I'm excited she's behind bars. It made me joyful to see the handcuffs go on her hands," said Norton.

She said it was unfair that Sims didn't remove her hair extensions. since Sims is accused of cutting and stealing hair from Tabatha's head.

"I was a little sad she said she couldn't remove her extensions since she cut them out of my best friend's head, that's disturbing," Norton said.

Tabatha's sister in law, JuliAnn, said the family feels safer, for now.

JuliAnn: "I'll be able to sleep better tonight, knowing she's behind bars."
Lori: "But she could bond out again, how worried does that make you?"
JuliAnn: "That's always the concern. We want her behind bars."

Sims' attorney said this is an unusual case and they are trying to be sensitive to the family.

He also said he has a job to do and that he will try the case in a courtroom where there are rules of evidence, not on Facebook, where there are so many rumors.