Caney Valley Students Give To Honor 'Granny'

Monday, May 18th 2015, 12:00 pm
By: News On 6

At Caney Valley Schools in Ramona, Paulette Ward was an inspiration. She always encouraged students to give and do for others.

Granny, as they lovingly called her, died earlier this year, and the high school students decided to honor her memory by doing what she would have done.

The students at Caney Valley High School gathered in Meg Wilson's classroom to talk about a service project they've been doing.

"We've been accepting donations from all over the school,” one student said.

And beyond, they were at Atwoods accepting anything and everything, all to honor the memory of Paulette Ward.

"This is someone who changed all our lives in a real way,” teacher Meg Wilson said.

Ward was a custodian for more than 20 years, and like a member of the family.

"Everyone called her Granny. She was just loving and caring. She always gave everything she had to other people,” one person said.

So how do you honor someone like that? You do what she would have done. So, the Guided by Granny Food and Household Items Drive.

And they have a lot of stuff. They're also trying to write an original book for every kid in the third grade.

They got a little information about each child and went from there.

That's 60 little books - one for each 3rd grader - just to make them feel special – plus bags and bags of donated items.

“This was all their idea,” Wilson said.

I think Granny would be so very proud.

The students will deliver their donations Monday to Granny's favorite charity - Mission Owasso.