Campsites Turn Into Fishing Holes At Lake Eufaula

Thursday, May 14th 2015, 8:02 pm
By: Tess Maune

Lake Eufaula has been sitting at 12 feet above normal for several days now. Water is being released from the dam, but water coming into the lake is keeping the level from going down.

With more rain on the way, locals and campers at the Porum Landing Campsite said they can't take much more rain, as several campsites are already under several feet of water.

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Water logged, and water locked, David and Debra Casteel have been camping at Porum Landing since early this week.

“It's flooding everywhere,” they said. “Now we're stranded here.”

Since they arrived, they've watched Lake Eufaula inch closer and closer to their doorstep.

“That stick that's right there in the water, we stuck right at the edge of the water when we got here Tuesday and that's how much it's come up,” Deb explained.

They were the last campers to put their pontoon in the water; now the boat ramps at the park are closed, so the couple said they're pretty much stuck until the water goes down.

On the other side of the park, Pat and Henry White's place is just barely above water.

“It don't usually look like this,” Pat said.

“If we wasn't on this pad, we wouldn't be standing here, it's probably waist deep back there,” Henry said.

They turned their porch into a makeshift garden to save their tomato plants.

There's so much water, at the campsite, even the turtles out back are looking for a place to stay dry.

But with more rain on the way, relief feels out of reach.

Even though many of campsites are underwater, workers are still thinking about how they'll clean up the big mess once the water goes down.