Burglar Posing As Victim Caught On Tulsa Bank's Cameras

Thursday, May 7th 2015, 11:05 pm
By: News On 6

A thief got greedy and police hope the mistake will get her caught. The victim said the woman burglarized her home in Jenks, stealing jewelry, electronics and much more, but she didn't stop there.

The thief showed up at Bank of Oklahoma near 31st and Garnett in the drive-thru line. She had Mary Kell's passport and a forged check, but she looked nothing like the victim.

The bank teller wouldn't let her cash the check, and while she was there, surveillance cameras captured pictures of her and police are confident someone will recognize her.

Kell and her husband moved to Jenks to be in a nice, quiet neighborhood; those same things appealed to the burglar.

"A total invasion of privacy, I don't know what they touched, what they didn't touch," she said.

Kell's bank alerted her to the problem when an employee called in the middle of the day and asked if she was at a bank in east Tulsa.

"I was very surprised. ‘No, I'm at work,' and they told me someone had my passport and was trying to cash a large check," she said.

The teller asked the thief to pull up to the closest lane, the woman did, and that's when surveillance cameras took pictures.

Police gave News On 6 the pictures that show a woman in her early 20s, with dark hair. She looks nothing like Mary Kell.

"The picture looks like she is smiling even, like she's happy to be doing it. Maybe she had done it before," Kell said.

She immediately went to the bank and looked at the pictures for herself, then went home to check things out.

There were drawers and cabinets open and her husband's guns, a safe, a computer and much more had all been taken.

"Pretty much all of my jewelry that I have been collecting since high school, basically - including a heirloom ring that my mom had that my dad had given her for their 25th wedding anniversary," Kell said.

She said it looked like the thief, or thieves, pried open the back door and let themselves inside her home.

Even though so much was stolen, she's thankful the woman wanted even more.

"If she had not chosen to go to the bank, we'd have nothing to go on," said Kell.

Now she hopes someone knows the woman and will report it to police.

Police said the woman appeared to be driving a red Chevy Avalanche with license plate number 525-FFN.

If you know the woman or spot that vehicle, call the Jenks Police Department at 918-299-6311.