Woman Arrested For Dissecting Corpse At Tulsa Funeral Home

Monday, May 4th 2015, 12:13 pm
By: Dee Duren

A woman was arrested for illegal dissection of a human body at a Tulsa funeral home. Police say Shaynna Lauren Sims, also known as Shaynna Smith, cut the deceased woman's hair, cut her cheek and smeared her makeup.

Family members called police to the Moore Funeral Home at 1908 South Memorial Drive, saying they saw Sims with her hands inside the casket.

Police found hair on the floor near the casket and smeared makeup on the face of the deceased.

There was also "a large vertical cut starting from the hairline stretching to the tip of the nose," an arrest report reads.

Police say they found a folding knife with hair that matched the hair on the floor on Sims' person during a pat down. They also found scissors, a box cutter knife and "various pieces of makeup" on the Tulsa woman.

A family member said Sims had also stolen the victim's shoes. 

The deceased's mother told officers she witnessed Sims next to the casket with her hands inside, then the woman quickly pulled her hands away. The Associated Press reports that Sims is dating the deceased woman's ex-boyfriend.

Sims' bond is $10,000 for the dissection complaint and $10,000 on a previous charge of assault and battery. Court records show she was charged with child neglect in February of this year and pleaded guilty to an amended charge of assault and battery on April 15, 2015. 

She was given a deferred sentence at that time.