Police: Tulsa Man Threatens Firefighter, Climbs Roof To Escape Arrest

Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 11:28 am
By: Dee Duren

Police say a man deliberately set a fire to property in an apartment then threatened a Tulsa firefighter with a knife. Officers arrested Bobby Williams early Sunday morning as he tried to break into other apartments at the same complex, according to an arrest report.

Firefighters say when they first arrived at the apartment unit at 1050 East 61st Street, they found clothing, a mattress and other items burning. They learned Williams had deliberately set the fire, an arrest report states.

Williams approached one of the firefighters, holding a knife at chest level stating, "I will cut you up," police say. He then ran off.

Police say about 45 minutes later, Williams tried to raise the windows on two apartments in an attempt to enter and avoid officers. Both of the apartments were occupied at the time.

The report says the Tulsa man even scaled the roof of the apartment complex at one point, but police were able to take him into custody. The threatened firefighter positively identified Williams as the man with the knife, police say.

They also reportedly found a small burn mark on one of his wrists.

When they booked the 29-year-old Williams into jail, officers found marijuana and methamphetamine in his pockets, the report states.

He was jailed on felony complaints of arson, assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of attempted burglary and possession of marijuana and methamphetamine after former conviction of a felony.

The arrest report doesn't say why Williams set the apartment on fire.