Burglars Take Tulsa Woman's Advice To 'Leave Before Police Come'

Thursday, April 30th 2015, 11:18 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman heard sounds coming from inside her home around 10:30 Wednesday morning. She decided to hide, but she came face to face with the burglars when one of the men found her.

When Angela Miller heard the strangers inside her home she immediately hid and called Tulsa police.

One of the thieves found her before an officer arrived, but instead of freaking out, she remained calm and gave one of the burglars some advice, and convinced them to leave.

A few things were missing from Miller's midtown home; the TV on the living room wall, a computer from her desk, jewelry and more, all taken by thieves.

The barks from her two dogs first let her know, something wasn't right.

"I just heard a loud pop and I thought, immediately, something just told me, ‘Somebody had just broke into your house,'" Miller recalled.

She peeked out her bedroom door and that's when she confirmed something wasn't right.

"I did this and I saw the black t-shirt and I knew and I shut the door real quick," Miller said.

Immediately, a million things ran through her mind, she said.

"Do I hit the panic button on the alarm? Do I run out the door? Do I let him know someone is here, maybe he will leave,” Miller thought.

She locked her door, dialed 911 and hid in her closet, hoping the intruders wouldn't find her.

"I hear them getting into the office starting to grab the computer, and I know at that moment, the next stop is going to be the room I am in," she said.

Seconds later, Miller heard someone kick in her bedroom door and then a man walked into the closet.

"Yells to someone that there's jewelry, and turns around and sees me at that moment and I knew I had to do something," she said. “He starts to come toward me and I held up my phone and said they are on the way. He was questioning me, so I made it to where the light came on and he could see," said Miller.

She told him he should probably leave before the police arrived, and he took her advice and ran off.

She believes staying calm saved her.

"I'm safe today and not even a mark on me, he didn't even touch me, he got close but he didn't get his hands on my so that was a blessing," Miller said.

She said she will never forget that burglar's face.

Police are looking for him and his accomplice, as well as a white SUV or truck they were believed to be driving.