Hidden Cameras Found In Okmulgee Gym's Tanning Rooms

Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 8:29 pm
By: News On 6

Police are trying to figure out who put hidden video cameras in tanning rooms at a fitness center in Okmulgee.

Gym members said the cameras just looked like regular clothing hooks while the owners at Select Fitness said they're embarrassed and shocked that something like that could happen.

They said they're working tirelessly with police to find out who hid the cameras.

The woman who found the cameras said they were disguised so well she never gave them a second thought.

Gym members rushed to Select Fitness in Okmulgee hoping to find answers after two hidden cameras are found inside tanning rooms Tuesday night.

Okmulgee police said both cameras contain videos of members changing and getting into tanning beds.

The woman who found the cameras said she went into a room to tan and accidentally brushed against what looked like a clothes hook on the wall and knocked it down.

"Well I didn't think anything of it at the time, you know, I just thought it was one of those cheap command strips, so I went to go put it back on and when I did I hit something and made a green light come on," the woman said.

That's when she realized it wasn't a hook, but something else.

"I actually Googled on my phone ‘hook cameras' and, sure enough, the first one on Amazon pops the exact same one up, so that's when I knew it was a camera," she said.

It was a find that shocked the community, including the gym's owners who said they were very upset.

Okmulgee Police Chief, Joe Prentiss, said he never thought something like this would happen in his town.

"You never think it will happen here, but obviously it did," he said.

Police said the gym owners are working with them and handing over surveillance video and attendance records.

Meanwhile, the woman who found the cameras said she's concerned about the violation of her privacy.

"Why would someone do that, why would someone violate your privacy, and then other people that go in there; they're younger than me, they're teenagers, they're high school kids, so it's not just me that got violated, it's other women and underage women," she said. “I was really mad at first, and then I was in shock and now I'm just, it grosses you out, it creeps you out. It makes you think when you go out to places now, it's just shocking."

Investigators said they found about a week's worth of video on the cameras, but said they could have been in the rooms much longer.