Convicted DUI Driver Up For Parole After Five Months

Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 5:42 pm
By: News On 6

Bradley Wilkerson still is trying to figure out how to get by after a drunk driver crashed into him 18 months ago and left him with only one leg.

Now he finds out the driver is already up for parole, after serving only five months of his 14-year sentence.

Wilkerson went from working 70 hours a week most of his life to spending most of his life in a wheelchair. He now has one leg, and is always in great pain because of a drunk driver who slammed into him 18 months ago. Wilkerson thought he got some justice last fall when the driver who hit him, Angel Morales, was sentenced to five years in prison and nine additional years for endangering the life of each child in Morales' car.

The judge ordered the sentences to run back to back for a total of 14. Morales reported to prison in December, and he's already up for parole.

That's not a phone call Bradley thought he'd get for at least several years.

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"Five, seven years -- I just figured he'd do half of his time, you know, and it doesn't look like that's going to be the case,” Wilkerson said.

If Morales receives parole for what he did to Bradley, he moves to his next sentences for endangering the children, but Bradley figures that'll really just be a few months also.

"I guess the reality is, it doesn't even matter,” Wilkerson said. “He can't change what's happened to me. His being in jail doesn't help me, but him getting out doesn't help anybody but him."

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Wilkerson lost so much and he's in so much pain. He only works sporadically, barely can pay his bills, has no more health insurance and has been told he doesn't qualify for disability.

"Everybody's got struggles, I understand that, it's life,” he said. “But I'm in this chair because of this man's actions, whether he meant to do it, didn't mean to do it; he's the one who got behind the wheel after getting drunk, doing pills, weed, the impact he's had on my life is impossible to explain."

Wilkerson will mail a 30-page victim impact statement to the parole board in hopes of blocking Morales' parole and the Rogers County district attorney said he will also write a letter opposing it.